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The only protection plan backed by Allstate.

The only protection plan backed by Allstate

SquareTrade gives BrandSource members the ability to offer customers innovative, award-winning protection plans backed by Allstate - a brand over 80% of U.S customers know and trust. On average, BrandSource dealers have seen a 65% YoY warranty revenue growth in the first eight weeks after switching to SquareTrade.

How the program works.

Registration is fast, easy and free.

  1. Registration is completely free. The only requirements are that you're a BrandSource member and sell appliances and/or electronics.

  2. Once you register, we'll email you a Seller Agreement to sign and return. (Depending on your state, we may need additional documentation.)

  3. Once we have signed your Seller Agreement, we'll send you Dealer Login information so that you can access our sales portal and start selling SquareTrade. We'll also mail you a Welcome Pack with sales brochures and instructions on how to order additional Point of Sale merchandise.

Steve Owen

Steve Owen

Vice President/General Manager,

Texas Appliance

"We moved to SquareTrade and the results since switching have been incredible! We've seen over 30% warranty sales growth. Customers trust the SquareTrade/Allstate brand, and our sales team love selling a branded warranty product. The program and pricing are very simple for the sales team and the customers to understand. Very happy we made the switch!"