Our Core Value #1: Treat every customer as if you were that customer

Transcript of Our Core Value #1 video.  

Customer testimonials

Real customers.
Real reviews.
Real service.


Customer 1: I bought a new iPhone.

Customer 2: Braun shaver. 

Customer 3: 75-inch Samsung TV.

Customer 1: And within two months it fell from my hand. And the back glass was completely shattered.

Customer 3: The TV developed splotches in it.

Customer 4: My phone slides out of my bag when I’m getting out of the shuttle. And as it backs up, I hear it crunch.

Customer 1: I felt heartbroken. 

Customer 4: It was really sad and disappointing. 

Customer 3: I went over to the Allstate Protection Plans website and emailed the issue in.

Customer 2: I’ve never had such an easy time filing an insurance claim on a product.

Customer 5: And guess what? Allstate fixed it right back up.

Customer 1: They replaced my phone and gave me a new phone. 

Customer 3: I had a response back within 24 hours about the issue and that they were going to go ahead and take care of replacing the TV with a newer TV that had all the same features and around the same cost.

Customer 2: The customer service agents I worked with were very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Customer 1: And this is my amazing experience with Allstate Protection Plans. Thank you!

Customer 3: Thank you!

Customer 2: Thank you!

Customer 5: Thanks Allstate!

Award-winning protection.