Our Mission

Transcript of Our Mission video. 

Mission Statement video

Someone famous once said,
“The best things in life aren’t things.”
And that’s true. 

But our things are important.
They help us work. Learn. Cook. Communicate. 
They connect us. Entertain us. Teach us. Heal us. 
They make life go.

Our technology is smarter and more useful than ever before.  
Our laptops are classrooms and offices.
Our smart homes turn on lights and turn down the heat.
Our phones make movies and maps. 
Our air fryers fry stuff…with air.

The things we choose to be in our lives are expressions of us, who we are, what we like, how we see the world, how we live with the people we love.
And when our things stop working, life isn’t the same.
So, what do we do when that happens?
When life happens to the things we rely on?
Well, that is a problem.
Because most of us can’t fix a broken phone. Or TV. Or refrigerator. 
And having them repaired is expensive. 
And we don’t know who to call.
And it takes too long anyway.
So, we get new things.
But that’s expensive too.
And wasteful.
And not sustainable.
We don’t live in a disposable world.
So, here’s our idea. Our mission, really.
MISSION: We help people enjoy life with the products they love and rely on. 
How do we do it?
Simple. We spent 20 years building a global supply chain that uses new technology and service innovation to create seamless customer experiences that can solve almost any issue, quick and easy, with no hassles.
Ok. Not so simple. 
But in real people talk, it’s just this: Life happens. We get you back to good.