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Why choose SquareTrade?

Trusted by Over 17 Million Customers

When your stuff breaks, it's our mission to make you good again.
That's why so many of our customers recommend SquareTrade.

Protection from Normal, Everyday Use

Repairing your average mechanical or electrical failure can cost as much as buying a new device. With SquareTrade, you're covered-including parts and labor.

5-Day Service Guarantee & Free Shipping

We'll repair or replace your item in five business days or less after we've received it, or your plan is free. And, as always, we pay for shipping to and from our repair depot.

What does a SquareTrade plan cover?

  1. All Mechanical/Electrical Failures from Normal Use

    We cover you beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, or if the manufacturer denies coverage for normal-use failures.
  2. Loose Cable Port

    If you need to wiggle or hold the cable in place to get a solid connection, it might be the port, not the cable.
  3. Speaker/Sound Failure

    You’re covered for speaker malfunctions that can cause problems like low audio or no audio.
  4. Broken Buttons

    It can be very frustrating when one of your buttons breaks on either your remote or on the device.
  5. Won't Power On

    You’re covered if your device stops powering on or its batteries won’t hold at least a 50% charge.
  6. Storage Failure

    We cover failed storage drives, which could prevent you from being able to store, sync, or access files.

SquareTrade provides warranties for iPhones, iPads, laptops, and other electronics. Compare us against more costly insurance coverage plans. We cover drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents. We're consistently rated five stars by customers for our quick and easy claims process. Our customers are the best.