Effective Dispute Resolution

A better way to solve problems
SquareTrade's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) service is a powerful tool to help you address customer service issues quickly and effectively.

How does it work?
SquareTrade's ODR service takes place entirely on our website. There are two phases of ODR: Direct Negotiation and Mediation. Direct Negotiation offers the two parties an opportunity to resolve the problem on their own. If that doesn't work, they can request the service of a professionally trained SquareTrade Mediator.

There is no cost to use direct negotiation. Either party could also request professional mediators to help resolve their issues. Click here for detailed pricing.

More information about ODR.

A history of resolving disputes
SquareTrade is eBay's preferred dispute resolution provider, and has a history of resolving disputes in both the online and offline worlds. SquareTrade handles over 150,000 cases every year, with a 90% success rate for completed cases.
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