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Electronics have a 15% failure rate
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The average new electronics item has a 15% failure rate in its first 3 to 4 years. Used and refurbished items are even more likely to fail than new items.

An independent study of new iPods (by MacInTouch) found a 15% iPod failure rate. Another study of new laptops (by Gartner) found a 22% laptop hardware failure rate.

Consumer Reports recently (November 2006) published a study on consumer electronics failure rates. Almost all items had a greater than 10% repair rate in their 4th year (with laptops up to 43%).

Repair rates for 3- to 4-year-old products.
Product Repair Rate
Laptop computer 43%
Refrigerator: side-by-side, with icemaker and dispenser 37
Rider mower 32
Lawn tractor 31
Desktop computer 31
Washing machine (front-loading) 29
Self-propelled mower 28
Vacuum cleaner (canister) 23
Washing machine (top-loading) 22
Dishwasher 21
Refrigerator: top- and bottom-freezer, w/ icemaker 20
Gas range 20
Wall oven (electric) 19
Push mower (gas) 18
Cooktop (gas) 17
Microwave oven (over-the-range) 17
Clothes dryer 15
Camcorder (digital) 13
Vacuum cleaner (upright) 13
Refrigerator: top- and bottom-freezer, no icemaker 12
Range (electric) 11
Cooktop (electric) 11
Digital camera 10
TV: 30- to 36-inch direct view 8
TV: 25- to 27-inch direct view 6
Consumer Reports National Research Center, 2006 Product Reliability Survey

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