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Galaxy S9+ repair

Coming soon!

We do not currently service the Galaxy S9+. Click the button below to see a list of devices currently available for service.

Coming soon!

How it Works


Step 1

Schedule an appointment online for one of our expert techs to meet you. We should be able to fix your problem in under an hour...and will alway give you our lifetime guarantee.


Step 2

Save yourself some hassle, let us come to you. One of our professional technicians can meet you at a time that works for you at your home or office to get your repair done.


Step 3

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ you depend on is back in business, usually, while you wait, so you can get back to your business.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has one of the most technologically advanced phone cameras on the market. It has a dual aperture to switch between lighting with ease, whether it’s bright or dark, day or night. You can also create your own Emoji with an Augmented Reality version of yourself. Add in superior surround sound and you have a device that does it all, right in your pocket.

You invested a lot in your Samsung Galaxy S9+ and you expect it to work how you want when you want. But accidents happen and your phone could get bumped or dropped accidentally, causing your device to malfunction. When this happens you need to get to SquareTrade and get your repair done quickly. Our skilled technicians can repair your Samsung Galaxy S9+ usually in under an hour and always with our Lifetime Guarantee. And best of all, our repair options are convenient and accessible so you don’t have to deal with mailing your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to a Samsung repair center.

Yes, that’s right. We are so confident in our repair capabilities that we guarantee all our repairs with a Lifetime Guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about when your next upgrade is, we can get your phone working as good as new, and keep it working. Your Galaxy S9+ is a brilliant device, you need a brilliant, fast repair service.