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Galaxy S8+ repair

Coming soon!

We do not currently service the Galaxy S8+. Click the button below to see a list of devices currently available for service.

Coming soon!

How it Works


Step 1

Call us to explain what's wrong with your handset. In nearly all cases, we'll be able to help find a fix for you. And, at no added cost, we'll tuck in the lifetime warranty as a guarantee of SquareTrade Go's quality and workmanship.


Step 2

Even if you're not located nearby, we can send a technician to your doorstep to repair your device right there with you at any time of your choosing.


Step 3

Within an hour, or possibly even sooner, your pocket-sized productivity machine is back in your hands and in full-functioning order!

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus was released with much fanfare and positively bursting with new features. The primary one being an ‘Infinity Screen’ that virtually eliminated the chunky bezels and the complete removal of physical buttons on the face that previously limited the display area. Unfortunately, there’s one major drawback to a bigger and more advanced display– it’s easier than ever to scratch, scuff, crack and shatter. That’s where SquareTrade Go comes in – whatever hardware issue your Galaxy S8+ may be facing, our trained techs are always prepared and willing to perform an efficient repair at any time and place of your choosing. Our Go Techs provide qualified same-day repairs for cracked or shattered screens, poorly performing microphones, and dead audio jacks, at a time and place of your choosing.

With a screen that never ends, it’s no mystery that a cracked or shattered screen remains the most prominent issue faced by Galaxy S8 Plus users today. Not only that, but the S8 Plus often experiences what are called ‘Deadzones’ on the glass, which can limit the functionality of your screen drastically. It doesn’t matter if a crystal clear display is essential for your livelihood or your personality demands a flawless picture, we understand how important a pristine screen from your S8 Plus  is to our customers. The certification process for our Go Tech repair technicians ensures that each screen repair or replacement on your Galaxy S8 Plus is as quick, efficient, and convenient as possible for you. If you still aren’t sold on scheduling an appointment today, don’t worry, there’s more – each part we replace on your Galaxy S8+ is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you won’t experience repeat issues or have to stress about cheap parts that fall apart in a week. Don’t force yourself to live with a cracked or discolored screen or dead pixels – click the ‘Repair my Galaxy’ button above to get a screen fix in under an hour.

The SquareTrade Go service model has been carefully crafted over the years we’ve been in business to maximize the convenience and ease for our customers. All you need to do is click the ‘Repair my Galaxy’ button at the top of the page, then give us a quick rundown of the issue and where you need us to meet you for the fix. That’s it – no lines, no trips to the mall. Just sit back and relax until one of our Go Techs reaches your location to fix your Galaxy S8 Plus. You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to make rent while having to replace your phone, or wonder how you’ll run your business while your phone is in the shop for repairs. When you use SquareTrade Go, your process takes less than a minute and you can have access to qualified same-day at-home repairs. So, if your Galaxy S8 Plus is in need of a screen repair or replacement, a charging port adjustment or fix, and even a faulty power button displacement, don’t waste your time, energy, and money – come to our website so we can come to you for whatever repair service you and your S8 Plus needs. Our services are offered in almost every state in the U.S., including Alaska and the Washington D.C. area, so you never have to worry about whether or not SquareTrade Go’s specialized repair technicians can reach you to provide the repair service you need. In addition our services run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so if your phone cracks on a late night out, you can immediately request some same-day assistance.