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Galaxy S10+ repair

Coming soon!

We do not currently service the Galaxy S10+. Click the button below to see a list of devices currently available for service.

Coming soon!

How it Works


Step 1

Contact SquareTrade Go and tell us what’s going on with your Samsung Galaxy S10+. Schedule your appointment for the repair.


Step 2

Whether you come to us or we come to you, your repair will be handled expertly and professionally and done in an hour.


Step 3

Return to using all the features of your Samsung Galaxy S10+, and back to productivity and connectivity. Enjoy knowing that all repairs are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Just when you thought your Samsung Galaxy had it all, Samsung brings you the next generation of mobile innovation. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a brilliant, extra large infinity display, Wifi 6, intelligent battery management, and a professional quality camera all packed into a handheld device. If you are holding this phone in your hands, you are the lucky user of a phone like no other. You didn’t know it before you had it, but your Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now a device you can’t live without.

Until a missed countertop or a spilled coffee puts your Samsung Galaxy S10+ on the fritz. Don’t despair, get an appointment at SquareTrade Go for a quick and professional repair today. We get how important your device is to you, we’re gadget people too. We’ll get one of our expert repair technicians to fix any issue that you are experiencing with your phone - camera, screen, buttons, we’ve seen and fixed it all, and can get your repair done quickly. We know you can’t be without your Samsung Galaxy S10+ for even a minute.

The power of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is amazing and with the super fast 5G option, advanced CPU and intelligent battery management you can go fast, and go all day. The camera on this device is incredible with 3 rear cameras, pro-grade videos, high motor video, and color optimization. You’ll never have a blurred photo again. Don’t waste precious time boxing up your Samsung Galaxy S10+ and sending it out for repair. Contact SquareTrade Go for a professional, convenient, quick service that can be done in an hour.

You’ll also be happy to know we have a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs. Schedule your appointment and get back to your mobile life.