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Samsung Galaxy Repair

From shattered displays to wonky buttons, SquareTrade Go will come to you wherever you need us and fix your Samsung in under 1 hour!

Galaxy Screen Replacement

Galaxy repair

Samsung Galaxy Screen Replacements in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1

Enter the details of your device in order to schedule an appointment.


Step 2

Help is on the way! A certified Go Tech is dispatched to the location of your choice and will get your phone working like it's brand new!


Step 3

Peace of mind! Your repair is protected by a lifetime guarantee.

Cracked Samsung phone

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Samsung Galaxy Repairs

First released in 2009 as an answer to Apple’s massively successful launch of the iPhone 2G and it’s later iteration the 3G, the Galaxy line of smartphones adopted Google’s Android and quickly rose up to be the primary competitor to Apple’s iPhone line. Despite its competitor status, the Galaxy series faces the same problems as the iPhone when it comes to hardware issues. Broken or damaged components, cracked glass, and stuck buttons – love it or hate it, we can’t work in the modern world without a functional phone. With the yearly upgrades and new lines that Samsung offers, it can be difficult to find a repair service that can work with every type of Galaxy that won’t charge you an arm and a leg with service times that can last days. If you’re dreading the wait, the crowds, and the price you get with a typical box repair shop, SquareTrade Go is here to tell you that you’ve got options. Our on-demand, on-location services allow you to schedule a quick fix by one of our certified Go Techs at a time and place of your choosing. If your Samsung Galaxy device is experiencing any of the following issues, click the ‘Repair My Galaxy’ button above to schedule a trip to your location for a same-day fix for a number of phone related issues!

My Samsung Galaxy Needs A Screen Replacement!

Whether this is your phone’s first fall or it’s 1000th, your Galaxy’s screen seems to be giving you the white flag. This can present itself in a couple of different ways: clear and obvious cracks in the glass, or sections that appear to be discolored or completely dead and blacked out. Damaged glass is easy to recognize, and it can present itself as something as small as a couple of tiny cracks or completely shattered glass that better resembles a spider web than a smartphone screen. Discoloration or other display problems such as dead pixels or even complete darkness is usually caused by a failing or damaged LCD section, which is what ultimately controls if you can see anything on your Galaxy independent of the glass. Whatever the nature of the specific screen issues you face as a Galaxy user, each of our Go Techs is specially trained during their certification process to make each screen replacement is as quick and efficient as possible. Which means you don’t need to wait days or weeks for your phone to be repaired like you would using a brick and mortar store; try within the hour instead. Plus, to ensure you sleep soundly, each screen replacement is guaranteed for the lifetime of the phone so you don’t need to worry about repeat issues or cheap parts failing a week later.

My Samsung Galaxy’s Audio Jack Isn’t working!

Apple may have deemed them unnecessary, but audiophiles know that the best quality sound comes from a jack and amp. To its downfall, that quality only lasts as long as the jack and a common issue faced by many Samsung Galaxy owners is spotty audio or a completely dead audio jack. It could present itself with some fuzziness that persists through multiple pairs of headphones, cut-outs during your daily run, or sudden complete silence on some earbuds you just picked up – whatever the case, there’s something clearly wrong with your audio jack and it needs replacement. Don’t waste time and money taking it to the brick and mortar repair shop – click the above ‘Repair My Galaxy’ button and schedule a qualified Go Tech to come to you for an analysis and a quick and easy audio jack repair.

Why Isn’t My Samsung Galaxy’s Camera Taking Pictures?

Half the draw of smartphones these days is the ability to show off what we’re doing or have a high quality video call with the people we love. To do that we need to use the incredibly advanced cameras that Samsung provides. One problem with sophistication is that it comes with equally sophisticated problems – you’ll be able to tell pretty easily once this starts happening to you. Blurry photos, a strange dark or brightly colored halo around your images, or just a totally black screen when you open up your camera app all point towards a damaged or malfunctioning camera. While this may seem like the death knell of you phone, don’t be so quick to give up on it – SquareTrade Go can provide a fix or replacement for a fraction of the price of a full phone replacement. Once you notice your phone camera’s image quality start to dip, hit the ‘Fix My Samsung’ button above to schedule a repair.

My Samsung Galaxy Needs A New Microphone!

Even through its desire to be a mini computer in your pocket, your Galaxy is still a phone. Without a microphone, you’re not going to be making calls any time soon. If your friends complain that your voice is scratchy, unintelligible, or cutting out randomly on the phone, or if you notice while annotating some important notes that the audio is messed up, it’s probably time for you to consider getting your phone’s microphone replaced. Don’t bother settling for the long wait times and high prices that the kiosks give you – click the ‘Repair My Galaxy’ button above to schedule a repair trip out to your location by one of our highly trained and specialized Go Techs for a cheaper fix that works around your schedule.

Stop fretting about having to venture out to your sketchy local cell phone repair shop or spend a ton of money getting a full phone replacement – working with SquareTrade Go saves you time, money, and effort by coming to you wherever and whenever you need us. Just click the ‘Repair My Galaxy’ button at the top of the page, select your make and model, give us a quick rundown of what’s going on, and a location you’d like us to meet you at. An Go Tech will be immediately notified of the appointment, and you can forget about it and go about your life until the appointed time. What are you waiting for?