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iPhone XR repair

Coming soon!

We do not currently service the iPhone XR. Click the button below to see a list of devices currently available for service.

Coming soon!

On-Demand iPhone XR Repairs


Step 1

Call and explain what’s going on with your iPhone XR. Don’t stress, we’ve seen and fixed pretty much everything.


Step 2

We come to you so your repair gets done where it works best for you.


Step 3

Your iPhone XR is fixed and your back to your regular schedule. All with our lifetime warranty.

Released in 2018, the iPhone XR came out boasting a 6.1” ‘Liquid Retina’ display, which Apple claimed to be the "most advanced and color accurate in the industry, with a longer lasting and more robust lithium-ion. Unfortunately, a more sophisticated display came with it more sophisticated problems and a greater chance for a discolored or malfunctioning screen. Not only that, but Apple’s iPhone XR still has the age-old smartphone issue of not being able to withstand a drop of more than 6 inches without getting an unusable cracked screen. So if you’re like everyone else and your hands accidentally slip on a hot summer day or you accidentally take your precious iPhone XR into the pool with you, your phone is going to need to get fixed. That’s where SquareTrade Go comes in, we fix iPhone screens fast!

SquareTrade Go can quickly repair any accidental damage that has befallen your iPhone XR and make it work like new again within an hour. SquareTrade Go iPhone screen repair technicians can quickly and easily handle: shattered iPhone screen replacements, a malfunctioning camera, home button issues, charging port failures, fuzzy or unclear mic quality, or even necessary side button repairs. Luckily for you, each SquareTrade Go iPhone repair tech is available on call for an at-home iPhone fix or screen replacement service and will arrive within an hour from scheduling your iPhone screen fix.

From tiny fractures on the bottom corner of your iPhone screen to an awe-inspiring display-long matte of crushed glass, your iPhone XR’s display problems can exhibit themselves in a number of interesting but terrible ways. iPhone display issues can come in one of two forms: cracked and smashed glass or a malfunction of the LCD. Cracked glass issues are obvious and fixes are easily identifiable. However if you’re experiencing discolored sections, dead pixels, or even just a completely black display, you’re going to need to your iPhone screen replaced entirely; as well as other potential replacement problems. That’s why SquareTrade Go has paid special attention while training each of our certified iPhone screen repair technicians to ensure that each screen replacement and repair is done as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. Don’t go another day straining to see who sent that last text or try to make sense of a YouTube video through some big dark splotches in your display – get an Go Tech iPhone screen repair technician out to you today at a time and place of your choosing.

The SquareTrade Go iPhone screen repair process has been specifically designed to be as convenient and quick as possible so you don’t need to schedule your week around fixing your phone, or spending a ton of money by grabbing a replacement at your local cell phone store. Just click on the ‘Fix my iPhone’ button at the top of this page, enter in the nature of your problem and a location you’d like us to meet you at. One of our Go Techs will be immediately notified of your request. After that, sit back and relax – we’ll notify you when we’re on our way. Our iPhone repair and iPhone screen replacement services are offered in almost every state in the U.S., including Alaska and the Washington D.C. area, so you never have to worry about whether or not SquareTrade Go’s specialized iPhone repair technicians can reach your location to fix your iPhone XR screen. SquareTrade Go’s services are offered 24/7, so don’t hesitate to act – anytime, anywhere. SquareTrade Go and our staff of highly trained iPhone repair techs are here for you.

Living with a broken iPhone is just an unnecessary torture to put yourself through. Your social life, mental, and wallet will all thank you once you schedule an at-home and on-demand iPhone repair call with SquareTrade Go. We offer repairs for your iPhone XR’s screen, damaged microphone, a fix for the unusable charging port, and a mend for a stuck or broken power button. Whatever the issue, our iPhone repair techs can get your iPhone fixed at a location of your choice in an hour or less.