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Terms & Conditions

View full Terms & Conditions for complete coverage details. 

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To file a claim:


All claims must be filed within 60 days of when the device was lost, stolen, damaged, or stopped working.

All repairs and replacements will be provided by Cellcom. Within 60 days of having your claim approved by Allstate, please go to any Cellcom retail location and Cellcom will provide you with a repair or replacement device.

A deductible fee is required for all approved claims. Cellcom will collect your deductible at the Cellcom location where you service your claim. For more information on deductibles, please visit Cellcom.com/AllstateProtectionPlans.

Replacement devices will be of like kind, quality, age, and functionality (whether new or refurbished) as your current device.

To cancel your plan, call Cellcom at 1-800-236-0055 or visit your local Cellcom store.

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Terms & Conditions

View full Terms & Conditions for complete coverage details.

terms & conditions terms & conditions