What does my plan cover?

There are two types of plans: Plans with Accident Protection and Standard Plans. The only difference is that Plans with Accident Protection cover accidents like drops and spills, while Standard Plans do not.

What if I don’t know what kind of plan I bought?

  • If you bought your plan in a store, check your receipt or purchase documents
  • If you purchased your plan online, check your confirmation email or plan contract email for “coverage type”
  • If you purchased your plan on QVC or HSN (Home Shopping Network), check your welcome email or the letter you received in the mail

What does a Standard Plan cover?

You’re covered if your item stops working on its own or stops working from normal use. Some examples are:

Round icon of a wrench and a screwdriver

Mechanical & Electrical Failures

Round icon of equilizer output

Speaker/Sound Failure

Round icon of a screen with lines through it

Screen Failure

Round icon of a power button

Won’t Power On

Round icon of a lightning bolt on a blue background

Power Supply Burnout

Round icon of a remote control on a blue background

Remote Failure

Standard Plans do not cover:

  • Accidents like drops and spills
  • Physical (cosmetic) damage
  • Replaceable parts (bulbs, etc.)
  • Commercial use
  • Intentional damage
  • Loss or theft

What do Plans with Accident Protection cover?

You're covered for everything the Standard Plan covers, plus accidents like:

Round icon of cracked glass on a blue background

Drops & Cracked Screens

Round icon of water droplets on a blue background

Spills & Liquid Damage