When you need help,
this is the plan you want.

Premium features that practically pay for the plan with one use.

Premium Tech Support

Certified technicians ready to help.

  • Phone setup: transfer contacts & photos, restore a backup, change & update settings, configure email

  • Connecting devices: Wi-Fi, bluetooth, smart home devices, fixing lost connections

  • App & software support: troubleshooting, performance optimization, advice about apps & services

Identity Theft Recovery

If your identity is stolen, we’re here to help.

  • We manage the recovery process, including credit, identity and finances

  • A dedicated Privacy Advocate will answer all of your questions

  • Our in-house staff of highly-trained experts is here to help

Allstate Roadside Assistance

Includes one Allstate Roadside Assistance service per year.*

  • Services include towing, tire changes, jump-starts, lockouts & fuel delivery

  • Average arrival in 30 minutes (non-tow services)

  • Available 24/7

Allstate Digital Footprint

Monitor and protect your digital identity.

  • See all of your digital accounts, even ones you've forgotten

  • Learn who has your personal information

  • Find out if your accounts have been breached

*Provided by Allstate Motor Club, Inc. Click here for Allstate Roadside Assistance coverage details including benefits and limits on incidences and value.