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Samsung Galaxy® S5 Breaks the Mold with Improved Breakability Score in Drop, Dunk Tests

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — April 14, 2014 — SquareTrade®, the top-rated protection plan trusted by millions of happy customers, today announced Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 has rated 6 on its Breakability Score™. The SquareTrade Breakability Score ranks today’s top devices based on how prone they are to break due to accidents. Evaluating key elements such as front and back panel design, edge construction and materials, size, weight, friction quotient, water resistance and grip-ability, SquareTrade’s Breakability Score fills in the missing gap left by traditional device reviews: it tests devices in everyday danger situations brought on by our lifestyles and habits.

The SquareTrade Breakability Score is based on a number of factors, from physical characteristics to the results of SquareTrade’s Drop Test. The higher a device scores on a scale from 1-10, the higher the risk of it breaking due to an accident.

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S5 to other highly anticipated new Android® phones, the HTC One (M8) and LG Nexus 5™, Samsung’s latest edged out the HTC One for the victory. SquareTrade’s Breakability Score testing revealed the following:

  • The new Samsung Galaxy S5 takes a big step forward in durability, performing well in drop and dunk tests. The Galaxy S4 has a Breakability Score of 7
  • The iPhone® 5s maintains a slight edge over all three Android™ phones, with a Breakability Score of 5.5
  • The larger HTC One M8 took a step backward with a score of 6.5, performing poorly in dunk and slide tests. The previous generation HTC One is very durable, with a Breakability Score of 4.5
  • The LG Nexus 5 scored a disappointing 7, failing dunk and drop tests.

“According to our research, 28% of smartphone owners, or about 44 million Americans, are considering buying the Samsung Galaxy S5,” says Ty Shay, CMO of SquareTrade. “With this level of demand, we really wanted to put it to the test against other hot Android phones in the market right now. It’s good to see a major player like Samsung designing phones with accidental water damage in mind. We were also surprised to see how well the new S5 did in the drop test – as previous models suffered significant damage.”

See SquareTrade’s breakability test video here.


About SquareTrade

SquareTrade is the top-rated protection plan trusted by millions of happy customers for its fast and exceptional service. SquareTrade protects mobile devices, laptops and tablets, and other consumer electronics and appliances from malfunctions, accidental damage and life’s frequent mishaps. Unlike old-fashioned warranties, SquareTrade is designed for today’s consumer and uses innovative technology to deliver a zero hassle claims process. SquareTrade has more than 200,000 fans on Facebook, consistently wins industry awards and receives thousands of 5-star reviews for its legendary customer service. Top retailers around the world offer SquareTrade, achieving significant sales growth and happier customers. Privately held, SquareTrade’s investors include Bain Capital and Bain Capital Ventures. SquareTrade is headquartered in San Francisco and London. For more information, go to

SquareTrade is a registered trademark of SquareTrade, Inc.  iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Samsung Galaxy S is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. HTC One (M8) is a registered trademark of HTC Inc. Nexus 5 and Android are trademarks of Google, Inc. All other company, brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


New Drop Test: HTC One vs HTC One Max

HTC announced this week that they will offer one free screen replacement for any customer who buys a new HTC One phone. We decided to put the HTC One and HTC One Max to the test with a drop test, slide test, and water test. Watch below to see how the phones stacked up against each other:


Then, we used these results to score the HTC One and the HTC One Max in our latest breakability score. How did they compare against the Moto X and the Samsung S4? Take a look:

HTC One SquareTrade Breakability Score

HTC Phones Rank Among Least Breakable in Latest Breakability Score from SquareTrade

You can also read the full press release on our website.

What did you think of the results? Let us know in the comments below!


Canon Rebel T5i vs. Nikon D5200 Drop Test

We’ve taken the drop test to the camera industry and what better place to start it than right outside the world’s mecca for photo enthusiasts, the B&H Superstore? That’s right, we braved the rain and took on the streets of NYC for our very first ever live camera drop test! In this video, you’ll see the Canon Rebel EOS T5i go head to head with the Nikon D5200. Come see the results of the drop test right here!

Check out these behind the scene photos from our shoot.

The shoot in panoramic view!

The shoot in panoramic view!

A close up of our infamous drop bot!

A close up of our infamous drop bot.

drop test2

Our Latest Drop Test: Samsung Galaxy s4 vs iPhone5 and s3

Have you seen our latest Samsung Galaxy s4 vs. s3 vs. iPhone5 drop test? In this new video, not only did we drop and dunk these phones, but we added an awesome new slide test as well.  Whatcha waiting for? Watch the face-off right here!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes.

Our videographer, Charlie, films while Chris performs the slide test.

Ready… set… ACTION!

All three devices sitting pretty and ready to be dropped.

All three devices sitting pretty on the drop bot ready to be dropped.

Which of these devices will be the winner? Head over here to see!

g v a

Google vs. Apple Drop Test

It’s the Google vs. Apple showdown: Phones, 7-inch tablets and 10-inch tablets are put to the test.

Find out what happens to the phones (iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4), the 7 inch tablet (iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7) and the 10 inch tablet (iPad vs. Nexus 10). We dropped each device on the corner from 4 feet using SquareTrade’s Drop Bot.

Enter the giveaway here:

Now tell us: What do you think? Would you like to see them dropped face-down next time, or do you like them on the corner?

Psst…SquareTrade’s got you covered for all of your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone and tablet protection needs.


iPad mini Drop and Dunk Test vs. Nexus 7 and iPad 3

We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the next face-off, so here it is:  We pit the new iPad mini, iPad 3, and Nexus 7 against each other in a tablet drop test. We’ll drop them face down, on their corners, and into water.

After listening to our audience, we’ve added a new element to our face-off: Meet SquareTrade’s Drop Bot, created by Michael McKinley (

Who’s the controversial winner? See for yourself!

Psst…Check out the study we did on iPad 1 vs. iPad 2 failure rates here.

iPhone 4 vs. Samsung S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Face-Off

SquareTrade’s iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 Drop Test, Dunk Test and Collision Test

The latest SquareTrade face-off video is here, and we pitted the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. the iPhone 5. The theme was Household Trauma. We tested the phones when they were dropped in the driveway, went for a swim in the pool and when various household items were dropped on them. The result? Well, see for yourself!

We hope none of this ever happens to you. But if it does, regardless of whether your iPhone or Android … We’ve got you covered!


The New iPad vs. Nexus 7 Face-off

These two devices took quite a beating in our latest face-off. First, they were dropped from chest-height. After that, the table-height slide-off and then the ultimate test: dunked in the bathtub.

So, how’d they do? You’ll just have to see for yourself.


Samsung Galaxy vs. iPhone 4S: Drop, Kid & Car Test

We put the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S to the ultimate test: Drops, Kids and Cars.


Since accidental damage is so common, we dropped it from ear-height. Next, we had kids throw the phones in the air. And finally: flying off a car.

Which phone came out victorious? Just watch and see.

Psst…we warranty both the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S.

iPad Drop test

New iPad vs. iPad 2 Drop Test

We were so excited to get The new iPad delivered on Friday. Once we got it alone (there was a lot of swarming around it to see the new changes), we just had to…drop it. That’s right—we took it outside along with the iPad 2 to see if it was a little bit more resilient than our research showed. And what happened? See for yourself!